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AmiCom Teplice s. r. o. enrolled onto a business register on the 11th May, 1994 with "Telecommunications" as its core business. AmiCom Teplice s. r. o. concentrates on the delivery and installation of telecommunication devices. On these devices we offer service, repairs and optimisation.

In the last 4 years our company has expanded our supply of telecommunication services into the sphere of voice and data circuitry.

Společnost AmiCom Teplice s. r. o. se orientuje na:

  • Delivery of branch exchange including end telecommunication devices (we help with telecommunication solutions);
  • Delivery of security systems;
  • Projection and construction of RR links;
  • Offers of telecommunication services.

Our company co-operates with reputable manufacturers of telecommunication devices, with which we have distribution contracts. For example, Alcatel, Siemens and Ericsson, who are amongst the most successful producers in the sphere of telecommunication. Due to our company's long-lasting relationship with these manufacturers, the high quality of delivered products is guaranteed, as well as quality guarantees and after-guarantee services

Telecommunication service is provided by RR links, which are at the top in their sphere. They are long-distance voice and data broadcasts with a high level of data security.

While attending a telecommunication technology fair, Amicom Teplice s. r. o. realised several interesting projects, which are mentioned in the section "References".

Amicom Teplice s. r. o. is a customer-orientated company. Each business event is individually viewed and the support of the suppliers is used to the highest level. We try to establish long-term relationships with our customers based on solidity and quality of delivered products and services and on a high standard of guarantee and after-guarantee service.

Amicom Teplice s. r. o. has 25 employees, around half of them are technicians and mechanics, the rest are technical-administrative staff.