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Alcatel Office Business 4200 E

Alcatel Office Business 4200E offers a solution to complex networks. It is a system designed for all companies with a maximum of 128 phone extensions.

  This system works with various types of telephone sets, allows recording of greetings, it is mobile, supports teamwork, it has multimedia, enables an effective connection of more company sites and control of operating costs. The system also offers special functions for hospitals, hotels, educational colleges and other institutions with up to 99 rooms. This unique system enables to heighten work productivity, improves professional access to your customers and optimises operating costs of your telephone network.

It doesn`t matter how complicated or simple your requirements are, Alcatel Office Business always represents a simple method of solution. All functions of the Alcatel Office Business system are established for simplification and heightening of your employees work productivity and your firm´s work productivity.


Alcatel Office D Small

No more compromise! Alcatel Office D Small is the ideal telecommunication system for businesses and for home offices with up to 12 participants.


It doesn`t matter if you want a complex method of solution of just a simple communication system – Alcatel Office D Small is the optimal solution for you, namely at a favourable price/performance ratio. You demand optimum performance from yourself as well as from your colleagues, so why not demand it from your telecommunication system? Alcatel Office D Small helps you to realise your demands in this sphere:

A model for all user levels, thanks to wireless DECT phones and functions which perfectly adapt to you and to your way of work. With Alcatel Office D Small you will not only be more efficient but you save time, money and energy.


Alcatel OmniPCX 4400

Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 satisfies all company`s needs and enables you to build a price-suited, efficient and easy-controllable net at your own pace.

A net easily used by your employees, it is an efficient communication work instrument. A net supporting users whenever and wherever enables pure mobility. A net making communication more effective and enhancing your sales by efficient applications.

A net restraining broadcast costs and ensuring quality without dependence on net configuration. A net still in functioning and easily controlled by efficient and reliable net service.



Alcatel OmniPCX Office

For keeping and improving your position amongst competitors. Neither small or medium sized companies can do without the most recent technologies of electronic communication including

  LAN infrastructure, LAN service, electronic mail and an internet access plus modern phone system – that means a system of measures for data broadcast, voice broadcast and internet access.

Alcatel OmniPCX Office offers all of this, very modern, modest on maintenance, offers user-friendly functions, open and modular. It is flexible, extendable, scaleable and adjustable to all special requirements of your company.

A consequence of these attributes is a very worthwhile price/performance proportion.

A primary problem for many small companies nowadays is how to unite measures for Internet access, voice communication and simultaneous data broadcast most effectively?

The best answer is the Alcatel OmniPCX Office system – a top effective device for e-communication. The configured server provides everything you need. Data broadcast, voice communication and worldnet Internet access. This one-box system gives you the most modern and contemporary user-friendly service and functions available.

Why is Alcatel OmniPCX Office so exceptional?

For example – it is modular.

With the growth of your company`s needs you can also extend Alcatel system by retractable boards, additive modules and special software keys for access to other functions.


Alcatel OmniPCX Office system provides quick Internet access for all your employees. Advantage No. 1 – optimal release of resources, advantage No. 2 – decrease of operating costs.


The possibility of sending mails not only within your company but also around the world.

Owing to applications installed in Alcatel OmniPCX Office system you can get a superb modern implement for processing voice messages, e-mails, fax messages - all by one user interface.

Virtual private net (VPN)

VPN function of Alcatel system using IPSec PPTP standards with enhanced security ensures a safe communication by Internet between your company and your external branches and employees.


Each employee can connect from anywhere by his PC. LAN service facilitates the administration of all PCs connected in the LAN net.

Together with the system you can get high efficient 100 Base T switch using the most recent technology with the "Plug and Switch" solution.

DNS server – ease of administration of PCs connected to LAN by interpreting of IP addresses and using of name application.

DHCP server – an automatic configuration of IP addresses of connected PCs and IP phones, routing function for access from LAN to bigger WAN nets.


Alcatel OmniPCX Office system offers you 4 modern methods of voice communication:

Voice over IP

Voice communication over phone using Internet protocol.

Alcatel OmniPCX Office system is supplied with an implemented support of IP protocol.


A digital system of cordless phones – enables you to move around your company without losing important calls.

A personal assistant

Each sharer will be given real attention. A sharer can use one of five possibilities: put through to your assistant, your mobile phone, external number of operator or recorder – no more lost calls.

Voice mail and message recorder

Integrated system of voice mail with pleasant controlling processes for incoming calls during your absence.

The system has 3 added functions: direct access to searched messages, worked out filter system with easy commands, on-line talk record. The system is equipped by a recording system of 20 minutes in length with a possibility of extending up to 200 hours.

Siemens exchanges


Hicom 150 E office

A multifunctional communication system for small and medium companies. It is based on euroISDN technology for digital and analogue public and participant interface.

The communication system Hicom 150 E Office can steer a connection by Least Costs Routing (LCR) in dependence of daytime and route through the selected operator.

An interactive Help display of optiPoint phones commanded by dialogue buttons helps easy and quick selection of communication functions.