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Radio-relay links




A compact microwave device, MINI-LINK E (Ericsson), uses the highest technology and offers the maximum safety in an arbitrary net. With 30 years of medium time between failures (MTBF) a MINI-LINK E system guarantees permanently high performance. A standard interface ensures integration to all types of existing and future transmissive nets. You can configure MINI-LINK E to fit the requirements of an arbitrary net for capacity and range. The system works in frequency strips from 7 till 38 GHz with a transmissive capacity of 2 to 17x2 Mbit/s.

With extremely compact measurements, the MINI-LINK E device is available in 2 variations:

  • MINI-LINK E "all-outdoor" – a compact self-reliant terminal minimising total costs on installation and functioning of a station.
  • MINI-LINK E "split" – consists of an indoor access module and outdoor radio unit, gives maximum flexibility and optimal economy of bundle stations.

For an optimisation of each link, there are transmitting aerials of various diameters available. A new feature is a range of patented compact aerials, which combine a great performance and minimal visibility from the outside. The radio unit is a part of the aerial, but you can also install it separately. You can change the radio unit without affecting the aerial routing.