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FCD-2L is an easy converter of serial data (V35/X21/RS530) to E1. The 64-1980 kbit/s speed supports converter fractional E1, at 2,048 Mbit/s speed the converter realises a transparent conversion of serial data to G703/E1. FCD-2L does not support SNMP administration. It can work facing an arbitrary E1 device, which has the same function. FCD-2L is only available with metallic output.




Megaplex-2100/Megaplex-2104 is a modular E1 multiplexer for 11 (MP-2100) or 4 (MP-2104) I/O plug-in modules, it concentrates all the data and voice flows to one E1 flow. A second E1 channel can equip the multiplexer for enhancing general throughput to 2x2Mbit/s in order to duplicate. Output E1 channels of Megaplex are available with metallic, optic and HDSL output.

Megaplex is a universal multiplexer, which allows the concentration of data and voice flows from various sources to an output flow E1. Owing to its modularity and to the large amount of various plug-in I/O modules, you can make configurations that satisfy wide-ranging needs and applications. For example, configuration of Megaplex for pure voice communications, where multiplexer is used as an extension of an exchange.

In an application of Megaplex as a pure data concentrator multiplexor, it is equipped by data modules in necessary quantity and types only, independent of required broadcast speeds of connected devices. If a realisation of data ports with Nx64kbit/s speed is required, you can use for example HS-2, HS-3 and HS-Q modules, which offers two, three or up to 4 high-speed data ports (Nx64kbit/s, optional interface V35/X21/rs530) on one module. With MP-2100 you can concentrate up to 30 data channels to 2xE1 or up to 40 data channels to 2xE1, at MP-2104 you can unify up to 16 channels to one E1 flow. Both models of multiplexer support SNMP regulation and its producer offers graphical applications RADview for PC platforms and UNIX/SUN (Solaris/HPOV). In data concentrator mode Megaplex can work facing an arbitrary E1 multiplexer of another producer or facing another end device with G.703/E1 output, which supports framework according to G.704 (for example CISCO router with channelled E1).

Megaplex-2200 is a flexible integrated modular multiplexer supporting up to 120 channels. It supports various data services, PSTN and ISDN, directly or by integrated modems. Megaplex-2200 integrates fixed and voice channels, ISDN, video and LAN to 4 separated trunks E1, it is convenient for use on the operator`s side (point of presence) or at the customer (remote distribution node).

It is available in 2 mechanical variations, both 19" width: Megaplex-2200B (ANSI, height 6U, connectors on the rear) and Megaplex-2200F (ETSI, height 10U, connectors in front).

Both variations have up to 11 positions for I/O modules. Megaplex-2200 corresponds to international standards and so it is suitable for use in systems of several producers.

Above all it is a system of framework and signalization, coding of PCM voice, ISDN and data interfaces. A supervising system based on SNMP protocol can be conducted on various platforms (Unix-HPOV, PC-Windows).




Optimux-4E1 is a multiplexer transmitting 4 E1 channels through an optical main channel (E2).

Optimux-T3 - a multiplexer transmitting 21xE1 through T3 optical or metallic interfaces.

Optimux-XLE1 is a multiplexer using E3 optical or metallic main channels. Fixed configuration version has 16 E1 subchannels. A modular variant has one fixed Ethernet port and 3 positions for retractable modules. A producer supplies modules with HSSI interface, Ethernet and 2/4 E1 channels.




ASMi-51 – a 2-line MSDSL modem with a distant supervision for 64 – 2304 kbit/s speed. A range up to 6,6 km at a wiring diameter of 0.5 mm.